Signalanlagen / Signaling systems

Bow traffic light for Archery tournaments

Since 2013, we have been producing Bow traffic lights with mono-led displays (4 x red, 1 x green, 1 x yellow). The Mono-LED modules are controlled by an AVR-NET-IO board and an ATMega processor. To this day, all traffic lights have worked to our full satisfaction and we have not had a single failure report.

The entire LED Display consists of a self-made professional case (Flightcase), LED modules and accessories that are built and wired by .

The enclosures are built with aluminum profiles, scratch-resistant, plastic-coated waterproof Birch plywood and sealed with Sika Butyl (a rain shower is not a problem). All required connections are fitted on the bottom of the LED Display. By installing a heavy Duty Welded Steel Top Hat, the housing is used on a speaker stand. The LED modules with the opal acrylic glass front are protected during transport with a lid. All in all, compact and stable design.

The displays are software controlled, are using Wi-Fi radio and / or cable connected, have large numbers (up to 32 cm) and can play texts. Includes optional speaker Systems.

Most Bow clubs have a loudspeaker system to broadcast announcements or music for their tournaments. These facilities are then used for the transfer of the time audio-signals.

Optionally a small loudspeaker system can be ordered for the audio-signals. Each traffic light consists of an amplifier integrated in the traffic light, a loudspeaker box attached to the stand, or a loudspeaker system consisting of an external amplifier with the corresponding speakers and tripods. Please ask for an offer.

To protect the display even better, a satin opal (89% transparency) or polycarbonate (100% transparency) acrylic glass is used in front of our traffic lights and the glass is mounted with an aluminum frame with sealing rubber.  (Can withstand little rain showers.)

The systems are now used in Germany, as well as in Austria and Luxembourg. These are complete traffic lights, empty housings (without electronics for self-construction) and also traffic light systems in combination with large loudspeaker systems for the arcade sound reinforcement.

The clubs, they now owner of the "Bogenampel in the Flightcase" are, confirm to us how well the systems are running. "